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Currently we live in the US and are using a Samsung Blu-Ray player that also offers a direct connection to Netfilx, which allows us to view movies from out "view instantly" list.

In a few months we will be moving to Europe and I would like to keep my subscription with Netflix to be able to keep this working.

How do I do that? Should I get a premium proxy service? Or a private VPN? I would prefer to only get the device onto the proxy and keep the rest of the network on the normal connection, but I am pretty sure I can't set a proxy in the device itself.

Are there any hardware solutions for this? To basically plug the device into a little box that plugs into the router and then instantly provides a personal VPN or Proxy?

I anyone can help me with this...!
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  1. Hi, I'm in the exact same situation. Did you find a solution? If so, please let me know as I haven't found anything for my blu-ray player. There are many solutions that exist for computers, but nothing for other devices.
  2. Check carefully that Netflix aren't using proxy detection. There are plenty of companies that sell proxy detection software, so I'm guessing that a video streaming company will be pretty hot on working out when foreign users are trying to sneak up on their streams.
  3. Why would they care?
    For all they care - the entire world can pay and use their services.
    The reason they block outside users is not theirs - its that streaming rights companies do not want to sell them rights outside of USA and in some cases Canada.

    If netflix would have it their way - they would open netflix for the entire world!
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