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I wonder how much aniso-tropic filtering the xbox 360 uses in its games concidering it in relation to the pc. I'm wondering that the xbox 360 uses 4x af, or 8x af. I'm just curious about it and want to have my computer running at the same settings regarding af. Also, i wonder whether the xbox 360 plays at 50FPS or 60FPS on a HD TV/ LCD TFT Monitor. it's because i notice when playing on the pc with an xbox 360 controller with the same game at 60 FPS the game feels slightly smoother (not the croshair sensitivity, but the consistency of the picture) than it does on the xbox 360.
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  1. Filtering and frame rate on the 360 will depend on the specific game.
    You should use the highest settings your PC setup can handle well anyway, not what the 360 uses. A 360 is graphically equivalent to approximately a 7800GT so even a low end gaming card for PCs like the HD4670 is quite a bit more powerful.
  2. o right i thought it was a 7800gtx. I have a GTS 250 512mb. But i play at a low resolution. I heard that the xbox 360 uses up t 4 aa. That's what i'm using and i'm coping well with it. My graphics card can also cope with 4 af. And also 8 af with dynamic lod enabled though. I still get good framerates, where people have told me that my GTS 250 would not get over 60 FPS average with those amounts of filtering. This is with games like Rainbow Six vegas 2 and COD4
  3. how much AF would you say the ps3/ xbox 360 utilises maximum for any game?
  4. ok thanks for that information.
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