HELP PLEASE...My sound card doesn't fit into my computer!!!

i brought a M-Audio delta sound card for my desktop computer (acer aspire X3200)but when i tryed to insert it into the pci slot it was to big for the tower casing. is there anything i can get to insert the sound card into then connect to the pc? or any other option rather than buying a full size tower? any help would be appreciated. thanks,
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  1. you could buy asus xonar DX, as its low profile.
  2. thank you.. i just checked that out but that wouldnt be appropriate as i need this sound card as im trying to set up a home studio. really appreciate ur help tho, cheers.
  3. You could buy... a saw?

    If that doesn't tickle your fancy you're stuck with buying a low profile (shortened for smaller cases) card or a new case.
  4. If you can afford a $250 sound card, you can afford a new $40 case.
  5. true :P
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