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Hi all:

I have a dual channel kit like this:

its a 4gb total

I wanna buy a new dual channel kit like this
U can see, its the same memory (same manufacturer, speed, latency, etc) only change on the memory's amount.

My question is: There will be any problem if a put the both kits at the same time?? Ive read the dual channel problems are with diferiences about the speed, manufacturer, etc. But nothing abot same specs with different memory amount
Thanks in advance
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  1. Shouldn't be a problem man, I've run computers using mismatched sizes before without a problem. I don't work with DDR3 boards as often as I'd like, so I can't give you a deffinate answer, but I'm pretty sure that'll work just fine.
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    Like violentlyhappy91 said, you shouldn't experience problems with this type of mixture; however, be very aware that most manufacturers won't honor warranty if you tell them you're using two kits together on one board.

    Also, if you do install the second kit, make sure to increase your DRAM voltage by .1v. when you occupy four slots on the mobo, you'll need to increase the power to the DIMM.
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