Radeon 5870 black screen on asus mobo

Ever since I bought my diamond 5870 it has been nothing but trouble. I can't get it to post at all. Upon boot the fan will spin at 100% and stay there. It isn't even being detected in windows.
My specs:
asus M4A785TD-V Evo mobo
WD1tb HD
Raidmax 630 watt psu
athlon II x4 620
windows 7 x64
ocz ddr3 1333 ram 4gb

this is what I've done
updated bios = fail
reset CMOS = fail
run memtest = pass
Tried pic e slot running x4 and it worked but after shutdown it failed to post.
when I have the card in I get one beep followed by 8 short beeps. I don't wanna return the card if it's good. Any help would be great.
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  1. bump any ideas?
  2. I have the same card and motherboard...

    Same problem... black screen, wont boot, video card wont work!

    Anyone have a solution that could help us out?
  3. i actually found the solution. it turned out in my case that it was my psu. This card is real finicky about the voltage to the 12v rails. i was using a raidmax 630 and after upgrading to a corsair 850 psu it booted right up. I'd go that route first. I have heard people having the same issues with the 750 version of corsair so if u upgrade i'd recommend either the 850w or just look at the certified psu list to be on the safe side
    -good luck
  4. I have the same video card (although from XFX).
    Same ram: Ocz dd3 1333 ram (3x2gb)
    Different mobo: Asus P6x58D Premium

    Similar problem:
    Often black screen, wont boot.
    Sometimes (when black screen) the video card's fan goes nuts on power-up.
    Sometimes it boots and lets me install win 7 and turn off and on a few times. Then suddenly black screen again (only on power-up - never crashes!).

    I thought it was a ram issue but have thought about the psu. It's just that my psu is a 700 watt Chill Innovation and should be very capable for the job. (I sadly don't have any alternative ram, psu or gpu so I'm in the dark on trouble shooting.

    Can anyone help? Will it help if I post screenshots from bios with the DRAM TIMINGS or other BIOS settings?
  5. Forgot my specs:

    Asus P6X58D Premium (bios 0703), i7 930 2.8ghz, 3x2gb OCZ PC3-10666 1333MHz CL 7-7-7, XFX Radeon 5780, HD-Win7+apps: INTEL SSD 80gb, HD-files: 1 TB WD10EALS, Noctua NH-D14, PSU: Chill Innovation 700W, Case: Silverstone FT01
  6. I have done the following:

    Tried with only one DRAM on slot A1.
    Tried to disconnect the fans one by one.
    Tried to disconnect both HD's and my Sony Optiarc DVD
    Tried to put the XFX 5870 in the other available slot
    Tried to disconnect 1394, case usb's and audio

    Nothing of the above solves my problem...

    - desperately seeking help!
  7. Exact same setup as Damm and same problem, win 7 64 bit. Catalyst 10.3 on a clean install. Fractal 650W.
  8. Corsair XMS 6GB 3x2GB kit. i7 920. corsair H50.
  9. And btw, the GPU has a noisy noisy fan (running at the default auto funtion forcing 55% on an idle win 7 and nothing more) which can all be taken care off by lowering its fan speed to 30% or 40% - both works flawlessly in my build and my temps are in the 30-40 degrees range ,-)
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