HAF922 Front Panel (HDD LED)- which pin is positive?

Hi guys,
I'm trying to plug the rainbow of wires into my mobo, but I'm having problems identifying the correct pins. I have this gray block thing, I guess to make plugging all my pins in easier. It has 2 pins labelled "HDD LED+" and "HDD LED-". Simple enough. I look at the cable coming out of my case...there's a 2pin HDD LED cable. Perfect. Except it's not labelled "+/-". One pin is labelled "G", and the other has a triangle with a "s". What the heck? Arrrrrgh. Does "G" go into the negative or the positive?
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  1. G is ground (negative). If it doesn't work one way, simply reverse the plug. No harm can be done.
  2. OK, thanks. I'm a novice, so I'm a bit nervous about the "plug it in and see" philosophy :)
  3. I have found most plugins to motherboards go like this:

    Plastic side with letters facing away from the motherboard.
  4. CanadianKHL said:
    OK, thanks. I'm a novice, so I'm a bit nervous about the "plug it in and see" philosophy :)

    The reason why they're not keyed is that you can't cause damage. Otherwise they would be keyed. I've done that dozens of times and I never damaged a motherboard.
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    The drive LED cable is probably white and some other color, yes? The white wire goes to the "-" terminal on the motherboard. But Ghislain is right. If the LED does not illuminate, reverse the connections.

    All diodes pass current in one direction. You pass current through an LED and it illuminates. If it is hooked up backwards, no current flows through it. No current through it means no load on the motherboard.

    Don't worry. You will not damage anything.
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