Asus A8R-MVP can I use a msi r5770 hawk radeon HD 5770 Pcie express 2.1

I have recently purchased the msi r5770 hawk radeon HD 5770 Pcie express 2.1 card and I am not getting my computer to post. Everything powers up and no display is listed and then I get contineous beeps. Is my motherboard able to use this card? I have not hooked up the 6pin power cables to my video card as I have no free molnex connections to attach. If I get a pig tail molnex and free up connections do I need to attach 2 molnex connections to each molnex connection that connects to the power 6 pin connection coming out the back of the video card?
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  1. ...dude, no power to card = no video and constant beeping.
  2. I figured as much, but I have no extra molnex connections. Can i just buy a molnex cord that has like 4 connections and pig tail off my current power cables plug the 2 molnex connections from the back of the video card into them? Will my motherboard even work with this card? The fans and lights come on the video card when I fire up the power. Thought maybe the computer video would at least post but might overheat the card if it wasnt getting enough juice.
  3. Maybe you should invest in a good PSU, it'll certainly help with cables and future upgrades.
  4. Forgot to say, I'm not too certain if the board is able to support the card or not.
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