Toshiba laptop not recognizing my CD/DVD drive

Was on vacation and burnt a couple DVD's. Went to burn another and the drive wasn't recognized. BIOS doesn't seem to see it either. I swapped it out with a driver from another Toshiba I've got, and same problem. Only the drive works in the other computer

You can open/close it and it will flash 20 times and begin to read and then just stop. I've removed lower and upper filters from registration, ran sfc, updated bios, etc. The drive is good and it is obviously getting power. Whats the deal?
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  1. Weird problem. You tried everything already.
    I don't have any answer to your question but would love to know how you resolved this issue.

    Thank you!!
  2. Since the drive worked previously, this may not be your problem, but I just purchased a Toshiba netbook, plugged my USB DVD drive into it, and got a "Device not recognized" error. The drive worked fine with two other computers I have, so the problem was not the drive. After wasting a fair amount of time trying to figure out what was going on, I finally called Toshiba tech support. They said the computer was deliberately crippled (not their words) so that it would only recognize Toshiba-brand drives! What a raunchy way to try to force customers to purchase Toshiba products they don't need!
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