Asrock 4core 1600 GLAN bios version ?

hi guys
im looking at building a general home pc for the family and i want to use the asrock 4core 1600 GLAN along with the celeron E3300 cpu... however this processor requires a bios version P1.10 or later.................
has anyone got any idea what bios version is currently being shipped with this board... the bios version P1.10 was released in 2008 so i can only assume the latest boards should have a newer bios version... however this also depends on how long the retailers have had this particular motherboard in stock !
failing this i have another system with a pentium D 915 which is fully supported by the motherboard... so if needed i can allways update it using the Pentium D and then fit the celeron E3300
any help will be much appreciated
cheers guys
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  1. If you are getting it from a retail store where you can physically hold the box, check the sticker on the side flap with all the model info on it. Usually, it states what BIOS is included. Seeing as how the BIOS is now up to 1.60 (1.40 for GLAN/M), I'd say you have a decent chance at getting a board with at least 1.10. Also, as you stated, you have a CPU of which you can use to update the BIOS if needed.
  2. thanks mate....from what i can see the bios version 1.10 is pretty old..(2008 ) .... which makes me think.... why dont retailers post the bios version on their specifications .... this would save alot of time and money.. and would make motherboard/cpu upgrades alot easier...
    i mean on one well known retailers website it has a motherboard for sale with the spec ..." item : motherboard " ... like we dont what it is .....
    infact if they included bios version and revision number this would be great... but hey... thats too easy.... !
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