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February 27, 2010 11:47:33 PM

I am a First time buyer of AMD, i intend to buy amd athlon x2 2.8 ghz dual core processor.
My Question is, are there any problems of amd vis a vis intel any performance gaps etc, because since now i have bought only intel cpus.Basically I am buying AMD for the cheap AM3 motherboards and future upgrade prospects.

Why is it that motherboards have capacity to support only 1 processor. I mean as motherboards support 4gb-16GB Ram cant there be a motherboard which support two processors like 4 Phenoms or i7s on one mobo

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February 28, 2010 12:16:21 AM

There is one MOBO that does that i know of, but its like a 700 dollar MOBO.

Two AMD perform pretty much par for the course to intels. THe only time intels are REALLY beneficial is when doing stuff like large quantities encoding/rendering work, because of the extra hyperthreading cores. Otherwise in gaming/regular tasks pretty much and CPU will do. With intel you tend to pay for a name, not performance, unless you are getting the 300+ CPU's.
February 28, 2010 12:41:23 AM

The reason motherboards dont have have multiple CPU sockets is because 1 it's a big waste, 2 it'll take alot of power, and 3 itll cost lots of $$$.

Intel vs AMD? For 3/4 of the market, AMD offers cheaper and more powerful solutions to Intel's chips. Intel's i7 and i5 is about the only things I would get from them.

So you are getting an AMD Athlon II X2 240? Good processor. You might want to try a AMD Athlon II X3 435 as it performs very well and is about $80. The Athlon II X4 620 is also a great chip. Have it my self.

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February 28, 2010 1:04:17 AM

I have the Athlon X2 240 2.8ghz on my desktop and Core2Duo 2.1Ghz 2MB L2 cache on my laptop. (Both have the same amount of level 2 cache). The Core 2 Duo is much slower at ripping/encoding.
The Athlons are bargain priced performance. Get the Athlon 240 and you can upgrade to Phenom II when they come down in price.
March 1, 2010 11:20:21 PM

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