PC turns off when i install motherboard drivers

i hope you can answer my question, actually its a mystery, just wonder why the computer turns off every time i try to install the motherboard drivers? i made sure through few tries that its not because of the hard drives, power supply or RAM, because when i format the PC its fine even if i leave it for few hours, but only when i insert the motherboard CD and start to install, the computer shuts down. i also have two DVD writable and its the same when i use any, even when i remove the CD and turn it again, the computer still turns off before it gets to the windows every time, its like hell broke loose when i get to install the motherboard drivers. i googled for hours but couldn't find this problem anywhere. please advice here what to do

the MOBO is gigabyte GA-M55SLI-S4 for AMD AM2

thanx in advance
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  1. Have you tried install the drivers from Gigabyte's website instead of the CD and install one at a time to narrow down which driver. I had a very similar issue with my Nvidia drivers. I'm trying to remember what the issue was but I know it was due to the Nvidia Chipset driver and I believe during the install process I checked custom install and didn't install the LAN drivers, which seemed to solve the issue (if that doesn't work try one of the other driver options... can't 100% remember)

    Can you let us know what OS your using.
  2. HI
    Thanx for your reply. its xp pro sp2
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