Hows this for a first time OCer?

Since i cant really OC at all on my dell laptop, i gave it a go on my family desktop with a e5200, 2gb ram, g31 chipset.
Managed to get it to 3ghz with voltage of 1.2250, stable, ran prime95 small FTT for a good half hour, idle temps were in the high 40s and load temps in mid 60s on stock cooling. Actually had voltages on auto and was getting temps well into the 80s on load...
oh and it was at 240x12.5

Any thing i should be doing differently?

EDIT: wrong section... mods move it please?
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  1. Well thats not bad but Prime95 needs to run longer. More like 8+ hours for true stability.

    And if you can, better cooling. Its fin at 60c but its nice to have it cooler.
  2. The most action this thing gets is 30mins-1hr stints of internet browsing at a time, so i think itll be ok, and yea, OEM PC from company, parents wont let me open it up due to a sticker saying warranty is void if broken blah blah :)
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