Which one to trust?

I had speedfan for awhile now and its doing a good job of controling my cpu fan at exact temperature i want with exact rpm i want.

But i get two different idle temps. with the real temp and speedfan my question is pritty much which one to trust?

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  1. how about hwmonitor, or something like cpuz? they are the one i use but i trust cpuz more though
  2. There are minor differences in temperature monitor software that causes some variance between the values produces by different software. There are also differences in the sensors used in different chips, boards, etc., and it's pretty difficult for a software company to account for every single configuration possible when they write their monitoring program. On top of that, sensors fail or just plain don't read correctly. I would trust temperatures in your bios more than any software, but even then, those could be wrong as well.
  3. Yeah check out CPU-Z and also CoreTemp.
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