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I am planning on swapping my old motherboard (mainly because 3 of 4 ram ports dont work anymore) for a new motherboard:

it sais it is a DDR3 motherboard, Well I have some memory that is DDR3 aswell, but it is DDR3 Tri-Channel Memory, would that still work on this motherboard ?

also, what kind of power supply would i need, in order to use this ?
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  1. A triple channel kit will only work in single channel if placed in a dual channel motherboard, the performance difference isn't major, but you'd be best with a dual channel kit.
  2. there is also the same motherboard available, but in DDR2 , i also have DDR2 Memory, would i be better off buying that motherboard using that memory , or does DDR3 have a serious performance difference ?
  3. The actual notice performance difference between DDR2 and DDR3 is virtually none. You'd probably be better off with the DDR2 motherboard.
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