Memory overclock wont budge!

I've had a lot of success overclocking the CPU in my system but I can't seem to get the RAM to overclock without making performance worse in games. It causes a visible stuttering without an actual drop in framerate in Battlefield 3.

This is surprising to me considering I made sure to buy an overclockable kit. I currently have the i7 set to 125x CPU strap at 38x multiplier for 4.75GHz @1.41V. Because of the CPU strap, when I set it by default the RAM wants to run at 2666MHz or something crazy that wont POST. I can drop it down manually and it seems like the closer to 1600MHz I make it, the less stuttering in there is in Battlefield 3...

I also get the same kinds of problems with XMP enabled. I've tried setting timings to what they are on the sticks themselves and setting the voltage to 1.65V manually. Same thing.

It's also worth noting that my system will almost always freeze when I run Prime95 with a memory overclock enabled.

Cooling is ample. I have a LanBoy Air and I don't care for silent systems so I have all high RPM fans.

Is it possible that my CPU overclock is interacting with the memory? I always get the best performance with no memory overclock whatsoever, other than the 66Mhz or whatever it goes up by when you increase the Strap.

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  1. There's no point of overclocking ram because it won't help you in BF3. Also keep it at 1.5V, anything over that can damage sandybridge CPU'S!!! BTW 1.41V is not recommended since you are running an H60 which only has 120mm of rad space :ouch:
  2. I can't seem to be able to take the voltage any lower before I get freezes in BF3 after extended play. I've replaced the single stock fan on my H60 with 2 of Corsairs new SP120s High Performance fans. Temps are fine.

    Please explain why overclocking the RAM can hurt my CPU. This is what I need to know more of. How the two are related.
  3. Anything over 1.5V for memory can damage sandybridge processors.
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