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Ok, this POS HP a6500f that i got for my wife needs a new MB. It cooked 2 rams sticks and now has reboot and other issues. The ram thing was odd.. it didnt actually cook them, it decided it didnt like them. Diagnosis said they were bad. I order new sticks. It didnt like those, swapped out ram from my sons PC (Slower) and they worked. The new ram went into his and works fine, and the old ram went into mine and works fine. this seemed to solve the issue. Then yesterday it decides to not display. PC was on, but monitor was asleep. Reboot, nothing.... would not even display the boot logo!

after re-seating everything on the MB, swapping cords to VGA (instead of DVI).. nothing. Back to dvi... and a wiggle. boom. works? wtf... now it has taken to rebooting! I start IE or chrome and it reboots. like the graphix are messed or something.

so, basically i want to replace the MB with something better, I dont know enough on what to choose. I can build pc's fine but am no good at pairing items.

Here are the MB specs:


can someone help me pick a new one? (from newegg) inexpensive is preferred since her whole system was only like 700 to start. Doesnt need to have onboard video but would be better since thats one less expense lol


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  1. I recommend the hp "boston" model. I used this board for several months, and it works fine. You may find one used for around $75 on ebay. The board is made by msi, but I've never tried a quad core with it. If you want to use another operating sysem, then I would go for the zotac NF601I-E-E board for $64.99 at newegg. This combo price gives you an e3300 dual core cpu which you can sell or use for a spare. A rebate may also still be available.
  2. Hers has a Pentium E2220.. is a celeron 3300 better?
  3. Yes. It's a dual core .45 nm cpu. I was able to overclock it to 3.0 ghtz by simply changing the cpu fsb to 240, but this was done on a biostar g41 board. The zotac is an nvidia chipset so I don't know if it will allow any overclocking. But it's a good deal; the cpu alone is around $50 at newegg. Zotac isn't a great manufacturer of boards, but they offer a lifetime warranty on some boards if you register it online. And I checked the cpu support section, and it works with the e3300.
  4. 2 more ?'s

    1) everything else should just plug in and work correct?

    2) now, since this is an HP... am i right in thinking that this will NOT just boot right up. Drivers and such will be different... and being that HP's vista install is in the HD and designed for that pc.. know what I mean?

    not worried about OC. she just needs it to boot and work so she can check email, shop, facebook, and play farmville. lol
  5. Read my first response again. Unless you get another identical hp board, you have no chance of reusing your old operating system. Even some reports of using the exact same model still results in a rejection of the backup Dvd's. If you don't have backup cd's, make some before your old board fails using some blank dvd's. I would also backup all the personal files with a different program, such as norton ghost, in case your hp backup dvd doesn't work with the board change. And check your local craigslist for windows 7 pro or ultimate. I wouldn't spend money on vista again unless it's dirt cheap ($50 or less). I like being able to use old xp files with windows 7 ultimate; the pro version is a little cheaper.
  6. missed that in your first post... sorry

    no backup cds - its on the HD in a "restore" partition (D:).. it wont even boot will it... any way to "trick" it? install the new board then get the drivers off the cd that comes with the board? It seems like it should boot, but just not know the new hardwar.. put the cd in and all set. Or, because its an HP windows install will it just crap out on me... know what im saying?

    I absolutely REFUSE to buy the same board - its JUNK - will not buy anothe HP because of this as well.
    I have built and bought many pc's (My first pc was a P90 with windows 3.0, 16MB ram and a 40GB HD lol) and have never had anything like this happen. I shouldve just built her one to begin with. sigh.
  7. Now i was trying to DL some driver/bios updates (cant hurt) and BLAM BSOD
    then "hardware malfunction" blue screen.. thats new. lol

    im about to toss this POS in the trash.
  8. I traded my good hp board for a copy of windows xp. And the brand new copy refused to activate on the second change of motherboards. So after calling microsoft tech support in India 3 times, they sent me a new copy of xp pro for no charge. But you have found out the hard way why oem systems are so cheap. You get the software almost free of charge, but there's a big catch. So you can still reuse the hp case, hardrive, optical drive, etc and go with the combo I suggested. Use the old cpu, and sell the e3300 unopened for $35-40 to help pay for a new copy of windows. Any version of windows can be had cheaper on your local craigslist. You just have to decide how much you want to spend.
  9. Finally getting back around to report.... thanks o1die. It wasnt worth all the trouble. She picked up a nice dell laptop (a last year model) for $400! its a steal... plus, i swiped her stuff from her hp! I now have a 3rd HD in my pc (giving me 1350GB), and a second DVD burner, and 8GB ram! lol :)
    Now I need win7.. she has it on her new laptop, i like it!
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