Is there an SSD drive, about 120B, that I can put in my Dell 8250 3.5 inch IDE d

Would like to upgrade my 8 yr old Dell 8250, 2.4GHz Pentium 4, 1.5GB RAM, 60GB IDE HDD, desktop computer. Need more & faster HDD storage. Can I substitute an SSD with about 120GB? My spare drive bay is 3.5 inch. I adapting a 2.5 inch SSD feasible? Should I just go PATA or IDE storage without SSD?
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  1. i think ssd only have sata connection. It would be a waste to use ide or pata for ssd.
    Just use mechanical harddrive if you only have ide connection.
  2. Thanks cumi2k4. I appreciate your quick reply.
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