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when i started the game it said that your graphic card does not support DirectX 3D accelaration. even it was running properly. what to do? help...... few days before i also reinstalled the window xp.
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  1. So after you installed windows, did you install the video card drivers?
  2. actually i started tomb raider anniversary, not only this game i also tried to pla prince of persia the two thrones and raw too. but in all these games there is problem to play them.

    proccesor- intel(R) pentium(R) Dual CPU E2200 @ 2.20Ghz.
    i have 1Gb ram. video card don't know.

  3. hey, dude u were right i checked that whether there is a video card installed or not. and yes it was not installed. but i don't know that which one is my card. actually i also run the direct x window in which there was problem,i.e. that my computer is using another graphics card and there is no 3D acceleration active.
  4. according to u i installed GPU-Z but it sayys that unknown graphic card.
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    GPU-Z would have detected an integrated card. If you have a card installed and you are running it without the drivers it will not recognize it since it is running of the win basic VGA driver.
    Where do you have your monitor cable hooked up?
    If you go into device manager under graphics adapters is there any thing with problems?
  6. THnX dude u really helped me well thanks for ur support now my card is running properly :bounce:

    im now so happy....................................... problem solved.

    Bye and THNX once again now iwill be able to play all my games. :hello:
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