GTX 480 running hot, need inexpensive cooling

Hey Folks,

So I have a Nvidida Geforce GTX 480 in my custom built computer. It runs fantastically as does everything else, but the card is having some heat issues. When I am gaming it is usually running at 60c. First, is that anything to worry about? And if so, what is a good way to inexpensively keep that cooler. Everything else runs at a good temp.

Also, nothing is over clocked. So in short, what is a good way to cool my graphics card that isn't too expensive.

Thanks guys!
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  1. 60C is perfectly normal for a video card at load.
  2. Alot of graphics cards come overclocked out of the box. Running an intense game is like running Prime95 on the CPU.
  3. i wouldn't be worried until over 80C on a gpu
    my buddy's HD 6950 runs at 96C in BF3 :P so your doing very well
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