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Booting from a Different Hard Drive - Win 7 64bit

I have two hard drives, my original hard drive is a WD Caviar Blue 640GB on which my original Windows 7 64bit was installed on and has all of my installed directories on it. Now, I got a new Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB, and I cloned my 640GB's data and Windows installation to that 1TB, so now both drives are identical data-wise. When I have either plugged in by themselves via SATA wires, they boot and run flawlessly. But when I plug both in and turn on my PC, it automatically boots from the original 640GB. My final goal is to be able to boot from my 1TB and use that as my system drive, and have the 640GB as a storage drive. Any suggestions?
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  1. if you erase the WD then the computer will have to boot from the spinpoint wont it, since you already have all the files on the spinpoint?
  2. Hmmm, that's more or less what I was coming too. But would that somehow mess up something because I would be BOOTED from the WD while I'd be deleting everything... Is that even possible BTW?
  3. Go into the bios and switch the boot order/drive to the F3. Once you are sure you are booting from the F3, you can format your old drive.
  4. Adding to what Hawkeye22 said, in the BIOS, remove the WD HDD from the list of bootable devices, and then ensure only the Samsung HDD is available for booting from, and is first in the order.
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    Go to bios setup-> boot option and set boot order of your hard drives.
  6. Yeah I did it, and got my computer working perfectly now. Thanks to everyone who posted, I really appreciate it!
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