Looking for advice/reviews on gaming rigg :)

hi, so far my layout is

cup: i7 920
mobo: P6T SE *cannot get ASUS P7P55D Premium in UK*
ram: *need advice, caoont get muskin products in UK*
case: cosmso pure (love it)
psu: antec quattro 850
hd: samsung spinpont
graphics: radeon 5870

advice on the RAM problem and any better mobo products would be greatly appreciated
thank you
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  1. Quote:
    hi, so far my layout is

    cup: i7 920
    thank you

    Check my reply on this thread: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/276843-31-system-build-gaming-1600-2200
  2. akula2 said:

    uhh not too useful akula, the mobo dosent fit with the other components and im not OCing THAT much, but thanks anyway
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