Do not know my mem speed..


i have a problem with my mems.... when i bought them, i bought them online in some e-commerce web page, not well known, and what i bought was ddr2-800 mhz Kingston HyperX

the problem is that when i open cpu-z, or everest or sisandra it says i have 667 mhz ddr2 ram,

okay i thought, i got ripped off... but then i turned off the pc pulled out the mem stick and it had the label " KHX6400"
6400 stands for 800 mhz ddr2 ram... so i really do not know either i got ripped off or not.

in the BIOS i have the possibility to run it with mch latch 400 mhz and 2.00 multiplier, but i do not know if this means that the mems are 800 mhz, since i thought that maybe they are 667 but the motherboard offers the possibility to overclock it....

so... how can i know for sure my mem speed.. it is really weird that all my system information software says the same about my mem but when i bought the mems i payed for 800 mhz, and there are also other facts that support they might be 800 mhz, ones stated above...

thanks in advantage.
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  1. Hello
    Well sometimes,CPU-Z shows the timing incorrect,(it happened to me too),so the best thing is to set your RAM's speed manually in the BIOS(set it to 800Mhz)
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