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I will build a new pc with the cpu i7-3930k. I would use this pc not for gaming but for rendering & simulations and I was thinking to overclock it.
I have read that this cpu can be overclock up to 4.6 and 4.8 Did anyone here done this before ? I have no idea of overclocking and if someone can give me some tips I will be grateful.
The motherboard that I will use is Gigabyte X79-UD5 and for cooler I will use Zalman ventirad cnps 12x to have the max. cooling of the cpu.

Thank you,
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  1. Search for overclocking guides, there are a lot of them here. If you have a specific issue, I think you will get more help that way.
  2. My i-7 3930k is at 4.5Ghz without touching the boot strap...at 1.34 volts. I havent maxed it our yet, that's already 1300 mhz faster.
    Set 45x multiplier, reboot, and thats a good start.
    Runs about 48-54C under usual loads with Corsair H100. Hasnt gone over 68C even with AIDA64 or Afterburner.
  3. Hi there,

    You can overclock the Sandybridge-E processors very easily simply by increasing the maximum Turbo multiplier. How this is done varies by board, some such as the Rampage IV Extreme perform it differently than the Intel specification.

    The advantage of changing the maximum turbo rather than the default multiplier is that it allows the CPU to stay within a low power state whenever able, only stepping up to the overclocked speed when necessary. This is recommended because the SBE chips have half again as many execution cores, twice as many memory channels, two and a half times as many PCIe lanes and between half and almost twice as much shared L3 cache. They put out a lot more heat than any other desktop platform.
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