PROPLEM with gtx260

:pfff: i have proplem with my gtx260 vga when iam playing games like crysis or any other high graphic games after period ifind my pc is restarting ihave intel e8400 processor and power supply hec 450watt 4GBRAM MOTHERBOARD ep41
the heat is normal
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  1. how do you know the heat is normal? Do you have a program up that shows the current temp?

    My first suspect has to be your power supply. It sounds like the supply is dipping under heavy load (like gaming) and the PC reboots.

    I would look into getting a new 500+ watt high efficiency name brand supply form Antec or corsair. Im fairly certain that is your problem.
  2. You need a new Powersupply.
    The system i use has a overclocked E8400 and a ATI 4830, and i use a 600watt powersupply.

    For you i would strongly recommend a 600+ wattage PSU. Since the cards normal requirements are 600watt anyways. Just remeber to buy from a good brand, also for future proofing reasons getting a 700-800watt powersupply would also not be a bad idea. < OCZ Mod Xstream Pro Powersupply, great for cable management and reliability. < 700 Watt Flavour
  3. Most probably the PSU. Have you tried running stress tests to check for stability issues of GPU/PSU?

    Currently using Corsair HX620 formy GTX 260. No proplems encountered. :p
  4. Minimum of a 500 Watt power supply.
    (Minimum recommended power supply with +12 Volt current rating of 36 Amp Amps.)
    Two available 6-pin Molex hard drive power dongles
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