Which water cooling to best overclock 3930k?

i7-3930 3.2Ghz
Asus P9x79

Can someone tell me what cooling system I would need to get this chip as fast as possible? I've read it can up to 4.8-ish... I'm working with a custom builder and my options are:

Asetec 550LC liquid cooling
Asetec 570LC liquid cooling
Asetec 570LX liquid cooling
Corsair Hydro h60 liquid cooling
Corsair Hydro h80 liquid cooling
Corsair Hydro h100 liquid cooling
Cold Steel liquid cooling (120mm radiator)
Iron Tundra liquid cooling (240mm radiator)

thank you.
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  1. If you're with a custom builder then he should know a real loop is going to outperform any of those options,
    Read the sticky up top and work a proper loop into the plan
  2. ^+1..yep..if you are going to be doing serious oc....a real loop not only will outperform the closed loop coolers but also will give you higher scores at oc...the closed loops are only for people who dont enough space to in the case to fit watercooling hardware or if they dont know that much about watercooling or they are gonna oc a lil bit or maybe not oc at all....if you are going to use the closed loop system..i'd recommend corsair h100....its the best closed loop kit ever made imo..it has won many awards.

    hope it helps:D
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