Abit Fatal1ty F-I90HD no video on 1st boot

Hi everybody!

I just built an Abit Fatal1ty F-I90HD and there is no video on the 1st ever initial boot.

I've tried DVI via the HDMI adapter, then VGA port, and finally a seperate video card.

Tried clearing CMOS each time.

Any ideas anybody.

Is this just a dead board?

Thanks for any suggestions...(Hope though not telling me to buy a Gisbyte or ASUS board! :) )
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  1. When and where did you get this board from? Abit went out of business a while back. And I have no idea what Jonathan Wendel is doing nowadays. I'm pretty sure he's not using his branded Fatl1ty motherboards and video cards.
  2. I got a package deal that was a steal from a beginner who couldn't get his first build going and then had a newborn baby and no longer had the time and threw all his parts in the closet since last year and just used his wife's laptop.

    Package consisted of this board, Core2Duo E8400 (which he told me was an E5200 *nice surprise*), a new ECS board from his combo purchase, Thermaltake R2 cooler, 500gig Seagate retail, nice but cheap ATX case w PSU, 2 sticks of 1gb Ballistix & 2 sticks of 1gb SimpleTech, & a retail PIONEER DVD burner. All for $135.

    Anyway I got it to finally POST! :bounce:

    My problem at 1st was no video and no POST or error Beeps whatsoever.

    After trying 100 different things I downgraded the cpu form a Core2Duo E7500 to an old P4 2.8GHz and at the same time used the cheaper low voltage ram.

    That did the trick. I guess it was the VER. 1.0 BIOS that was screwin everything up.

    I didn't know ABIT was out of the game until all my researching last night. I remember the good 'ol days when ABIT was hot in the industry with the KT133 back before we broke the 1GHz barrier and AMD was king for OC'ing.

    Now I need to find a manual to download because Abit seems to not support their FTP anymore

    Anyway thanks for the reply!

    R.I.P Abit :sweat:
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