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I'm not really a tech savy person, so I'm hoping you guys can help me out.

I'm looking at buying a new desktop. The graphics card in the computer is a NVIDIA GeForce G210 512MB.

1. Most likely I'll want to upgrade the video card in the future. What do I need to know about my computer in order to pick a new card that would be compatiable with my system?

2. I need to get a monitor for my new desktop. What do I need to know in order to pick out one that would be compatiable with the system? I was told it had something to do with the resolution supported by the video card and the types of connections the desktop accepts.To be honest, I really have no idea. So if someone could explain it, I'd be very grateful.

Here's the computer I'm looking at btw..

possible monitor

Thank you!
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  1. In order to pick out a new card you need to decide on your usage, is it for gaming? If so then you will need to know the amperage available on the 12V rail of the PSU, you can check that once you get it, it will be written on a sticker on the side of the PSU, but if you want to get a high end card like a 4870/GTX260 or high you should consider swapping out the PSU for a good high quality 550W unit that will provide you plenty of power for years to come.

    Most cards will support atleast 2560x1600, it may not perform well at that resolution but it will display it. The only thing you really need to check for to make sure that the monitor will be compatible is the connectors that the GPU and the monitor offer. Your graphics card will easily support that monitor since the monitor supports a DVI-D and D-sub(VGA), and the GPU offers a DVI-D, D-sub(VGA), and HDMI connections so you will have no problem connecting the two.
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