Ssd caching with raid

Can someone please advise how to set up ssd caching with raid0 or raid1,

Ive got ssd caching with a single drive but i really want ssd caching on a raid0 or 1

Please advise
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  1. Youngyy said:

    just set your RAID array up, then, once you do that, just enable the cache option, pick the RAID as the disk to be cached, i tried it with 2 500GB drives in RAID, the speeds did not impress me though, went back to caching the one 500GB drive, finally ordered another SSD [120GB Mushkin Chronos Deluxe, the 60GB is a beast]to push my 2TB drive, all set!
  2. Urmmm not sure tbh, I have two 1TB Samsung f3 drives, I put them in raid1 installed os and ssd caching wasn't available and did same with raid0. I installed OS on one of the F3 drives and boom its there.

    Think il just clone my hdd with the space one just incase it fails.

    Do you think im doing something wrong?

    I spent all night trying different things but the only way i could get ssd caching to work if i install the os on a single hdd :(, but i want raid0 short stroke with ssd caching.
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