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I just picked up a used sapphire hd 3870 512mb DDR4 to replace an old Nvidia geforce 8400gs. I unistalled old drivers, installed new ones, set the card in and connected it to the psu and it gets no signal input to the monitor. I no this is old hat for you guys and i have read 50 posts on other sites about theis issue. I have tried almost everything they suggested and to no avail. I am a relative noob as far as getting this indepth with computers but I do pride myself in doing extensive research before i ask a question. Maybe iI already know the answer i just need help implemeting the solution.
Anyway system specs are as follows: Pentium D 3.4ghz, 8400gs gpu, seagate 500gb 7200rpm, as rock 775dual/880 mobo, 2gb ddr2, ocz 500watt psu, HP w2007 20.1 monitor w/windows 7 ultimate . OK so i thought the mobo might not support cause card is 2.0 and mobo i believe only does express. supposedly that is not the issue. Psu should be good at 500watt and it is only a year old, so i believe total capable. Read i would need to possibly update the mobo through a new download. have no idea about that one? Reset the card 4 times probably to make sure it is sitting properly, triple checked that the psu is connected to the front of the card(old gpu didn't require that) I'm at a loss guys. I can post pics, give you more info.....Whatever you need to assist you!!!! I really want to see what this bad boy can do! Thanks in advance for all your help and suggestions. I'm truly grateful for any assistance. I know the system is a bit dated but there has got to be a way to get this to work....
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  1. Just as a side note. Now that i put everything back in the computer like it was awaiting some responses my boot up time is WAY slower. probably from 30 sec. to 2 minutes and loading programs and games like counterstrike takes about 45 sec-to a minute where as before it took maybe 15 sec. Any thoughts?
  2. Download Driver Sweeper from GURU3D, uninstall all graphics drivers, boot into safe mode and clean with Driver Sweeper. Then boot normally into Windows and try installing the newest drivers for the card you have there.

    Report back with results.
  3. in with the new 3870. i picked it up for 30$. couldn't pass it up. i have done an uninstall of drivers and ran the sweep in safe mode. No sign of and nvidia drivers left. now i'm running to microcenter to get a dvi cable(i was borrowing my neighbors when i tested it last night). I have a disk that the guy gave me with windows 7 drivers. should i use that or go to ati website and get the new ones? I saw 2 different ones on there one looked like the main driver and the other said display driver. can you clarify this for me please as too which one i need? thanks
  4. right now it is slow with the 8400. the new card will be the 3870 if i can ever get the display to work!!! sorry for the confusion, but it was quite strange it slowed it down that bad. Once your in the program it works like normal but just getting the pc to boot and opening programs is taking significantly longer than it was.
  5. I bought it off craigs list and unfortunantly an IT buddy of mine confirmed it was dead. Thank you guys so much for your time and trying to help. Back to the old nvidia till i can save up some more cash i guess.
  6. singlejm said:
    I bought it off craigs list and unfortunantly an IT buddy of mine confirmed it was dead. Thank you guys so much for your time and trying to help. Back to the old nvidia till i can save up some more cash i guess.

    That sucks.

    Take off the heatsink, and pop the card in the oven (preheated) at 250'F-300'F for 6-7 minutes. See if that helps
  7. The guy that sold it to me says it is not compatable with my motherboard. Can anyone confirm this. As Rock 775dual/880. The card again is a sapphire 3870 512mb ddr4. As Rock's site has a spot where it list compatable card but the link is dead and i cannot find this info anywhere. Also he mentioned i could try to update my bios but i don't know how to find out what current version i have or where to find the updates. Sorry i'm such a noob but i'm trying to learn....any advice please.
  8. I think you already learned this:
    Don't buy second-hand cards.
  9. Thanks but that really doesn't help my current situation. should i attempt to update the bios. i have version 1.3 and the updates go all the way up to 1.6. Wonder if this would have any affect whatsoever. The kicker is that with the new card you don;t see the bios or anything when you boot. it just won;t boot period and the monitor just says no input signal(vga and dvi). That is what made my buddy convinced the card was bad but we were just on the phone he didn't actually see it. Thoughts other than i'm a jerkoff for buying a second hand card!! lol
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