Hard Drive Failing?

I'm sorry in advance if this is not the proper place to ask.

I am working on a Dell XPS M1530 Windows Vista 32bit. Its my friend's and she said it was broken. She said that it was acting funny and one day it just wouldn't turn on. So she let a friend play with it and he said he toke the ram out said it was bad and put a 1Gb stick in and it turned on so they could get some pictures and other files off onto a Flash drive.

So I toke a look at it and when windows loads it had some errors pop up sorry can't remember what they said but they wouldn't go away when you exit them. The Hard Drive said 0 bytes free which I knew was incorrect because it had very few programs on it, and it wouldn't run hardly any programs including Mozilla Firefox and would constantly freeze leaving no option but to press the power button till it shut off. The computer had 2 anti virus programs working and neither said it had any problems also windows security didn't report anything. I decided it was probably the hard drive and reformatted it successfully with windows 32bit and all the drivers.

Now I've been watching it and seems to work like new a little sluggish duo to the lack of Ram but none the less its running okay.

Here's my problem I have been installing all the windows vista updates and my Free space is shrinking at an alarming rate yesterday I had 84GB free and today I have 71.6-changed to 71.5 since I've been typing this of 136. I opened the hard drive on my computer highlighted all the files and clicked properties and it reported a total of 9.8GB.

Is this a sign that the Hard Drive is bad or its going to crash like before? I find it hard to believe it only has roughly half its hard drive free when no programs other than what came with windows and drivers are on it.

Thank you advance to any help
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  2. Try running chkdsk with the "automatically fix file system errors" option turned on. From a command prompt (as administrator), type
    chkdsk c: /f.
  3. Never run 2 antivirus on the same machine. They fight each other.

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