Vista reboots on 1st boot day

Hi, my pc reboots about 3/4 times everyday after my first failed boot in the day, then sometimes it manages to work after the 4th boot. WHen i say failed i mean the pc randomly restarts when it gets to the vista loading bar screen.

IT SEEMS like this is cause the computer is cold and is needed to warm up? i heard some people say power draw is highest in boot but im not sure. I can play bioshock 2 fine with high settings and im sure that uses a lot of power? i have no problems once ive booted, can even restart like 8 times once ive gotten past the 1st good boot. i Can even shut down pc, wait 2 minutes and press the button again and it boots fine.

Before i had a nvidia 7950gx2 and this died ( i think) so i got a new card but same problem now. the 7950gx2 was busted i guess cause the drivers don't work and when i put it in another pc straight away blue screen.

I have some windows updates installed, avast, ati drivers.

Someone did a memtest for me and told me my ram were fine, my hdd should be O.k. cause i tried 2 different ones and both times there was problem with booting.

( sometimes my computer actually survives and boots on the first try )

could this be a psu problem if the power consumption is highest on boot?

Thanks in advance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vista 32bit home premium
Core duo e6600 2.4ghz
2gb ram ddr2
psu - PFC 350W 3.3V-20A 5v-32A 12v-16A
Ati radeon hd4850
x1 320gb hDD sata II?
x1 dvd drive
x1 fan at the back on my pc connected to motherboard
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  1. I'm going with the PSU. The 4850 calls for a 450W PSU with 30A. You have 16A. Guess how thats going to go. Chances are the PSU is dying. Get a new one and see if it goes away. Try to buy a better one.
  2. Hmm, so does the pc use most power on boot? cause when im playing graphically intensive games it actually runs fast and smooth, NEVER bsod or reboot during a game.
  3. I have no idea which clocks the GPU uses while in the bios. If you have power boot problems, which you seem to have, and a suspect/bad PSU, then replacing it is the correct action.
  4. cool thanks, by the way what is 'power boot', my pc boots fine when its warm, i think...... Well i left the pc off for 5mins came back and booted, it was fine, just now i went out for about 2.5 hours and came back, and it just rebooted twice before it works and this is the boot that i am on atm talking on forum
  5. oooh, also, any suggestions on psu? i saw a ocz stealthxstream 500w for about £50 which seems reasonable, it says it has x2 12V rails with 18AMps each, that adds up to 36 A which is higher than the recommended 30A, but i am not sure if i can just 'add' the values just like that.
  6. Power probably shouldn't have been there. Or I should have wrote Power/boot problems. Its possible that something is shorted in the PSU you have. Things expand/contract when they get hot/cold so its possible something doesn't make contact like it should until its warm.

    Not a fan of the OCZ PSUs. Look to Antec, Corsair, Enermax, PCP&C, or SeaSonic for a good PSU. And no, you can't just add them like that. If you look at the label you should see either how many amps or watts total is on both rails. If it lists Watts, divide that number by 12.
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