Replacing PSU fan with a 4 pin variant

Hi All,

My PSU fan is now the loudest part of my system so I bought an Akasa APACHE fan to replace it. the problem is it has a 4 pin connector and the PSU only has GND, 12v. I have connected the Ground and 12v wires together and booted. It will only pulse the fan though and wont spin up. Can anyone help??

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  1. Which pins on the did you use? I think the correct pins on the fan are the ground pin and the wire right beside it.
  2. I've tried all four

    PSU has;


    Fan has;


    The pulsing occurs when the blacks are connected and the red is connected to the yellow??
  3. OK. I think I see your problem. You want to connect the fan's yellow and black wires to the PSU's yellow (12 volt line) and black wires. Use a drive molex.
  4. I cut the old fan off which was connected with a red and black wire. There is no yellow wire connected to the old fan. Do you mean to splice into a yellow wire exiting the PSU?
  5. Just tried it in a molex connector, black to black (GND) yellow to yellow (5v) works. Now how to sort it in the PSU ??? Hmmmmm
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