Motherboard decisions, crossfire, old ram?

I upgraded my existing computer but thought, what the hell lets put this new gfx card into a machine that is actually decent.

I think I've settled on the phenom 945 with a great PSU as a combo deal on newegg. I have a 4870 card on hand now but only ddr2 ram which I really don't want to upgrade. With that combination of stuff I need something specific if I want crossfire and on newegg I can only find this:

A couple of low reviews have me a bit worried, problems with 1gig ram sticks and problems with windows7 64bit(I use both). I started to double back on crossfire but benchmarks on this site have double 4870's absolutely smoking and at this point another 100+ to nearly double my framerates(I do game on a 1080p tv) in the near future sounds better than a 200 or 300 dollar single card to do the same. However I'm not sure if holding onto my ddr2 will set me too far back in the long run and maybe I shouldn't bother with crossfire in this build at all then. Looking for suggestions
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  1. A couple of minor problems don't disqualify a board. Your happiness will depend alot on your personal skills setting up the operating system and bios. I use msi products and they usually work fine. If you want a better selection, sell your old ddr2 and pay the difference for ddr3. Try craigslist first if you have one where you live. The Anandtech for sale forum is also good.
  2. Well if those things popped up, they're major problems. I guess someone else on newegg has probably used 1gig sticks or windows 7 successfully but hasn't posted those exact things, I just can't find any real tech reviews around the web either which would be nice to read. I'm fairly confident in my skills and my preparation beforehand of getting any drivers/bios files downloaded early and to know any specifics before building.
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