What should I upgrade?

This computer is used for gaming, what single item(or OS maybe?) will improve performance overall.
Windows XP SP3 32 bit(im thinking upgrading to windows 7 64 bit will relieve most of my qualms)
Kuma AMDX2 7750 2.7 GHZ Black Edition(OC'd to 3.1 safely)
4GB of 800MHZ OCZ gold ram
GTX 260 Core 216 Evga SSC Edition(overclocked alotttt)
Asus 750A chipset mobo
500GB 7200 RPM HD Western Digital

I mostly play WoW and COD6, but it seems none of the games have that "HD" feel or I feel im not getting the performance I paid for.
I run most games at 1680X1050 but recently acquired a 1920X1080 monitor(have not used yet).
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  1. Budget?

    I'd say you're almost looking at a new computer. I can't point at one part of the build that shouldn't be improved. I'd recommend saving the money you're planning on using for an upgrade and starting to save a little bit on top of it to build an entirely new machine later this year...
  2. I was looking at a particular part.
    I wouldnt mind recycling the PSU+video card+case for a new build but i dont see it necessary
    This is kinda a gated question asking about windowsXP 32 bit to Windows 7 64 Bit performance and quality difference.
  3. Well it's not like those are bad specs. Is it possible to OC the CPU anymore than that?

    The main thing that win7 will get you is ability to use all of your RAM, and depending on how old your install is/how perceptible you are to windows rot an install of 7 should help a bunch.

    It would be kinda stupid to decrease your computers ability to play games by getting such a large monitor. (resolution wise)
  4. Im not familiar with that CPU so I have no idea how performs.

    A GTX260 is still a good graphics card and should play WoW at near ultra high settings at 1680x1050.

    Another thing win7 gets you is DX10 graphics, which can look alot more realistic, depending on the game.
  5. i think if you got that 7750 wich is am2+.just check your board the newer am3 cpu's should work in it with a bios update
  6. it was a crap cpu to be frank


    highest clocked 7750 with ln2
  7. run the task manager while gaming, and observe just how cpu bound you seem to be.

    Most of the time you will get more FPS with a stronger graphics card. Particularly if running at higher resolutions like 1920 x 1200.
    To notice a real difference, you need to jump a few levels to something like a 5870 or 5970. Your psu can handle either.
  8. Im about 40/60 yes/no on installing windows 7 just because its such a chore for me to reformat but having a 64 bit OS and DX10 seems worth it for the future and i can always upgrade my comp later.
    Im also not the best at installing OS's but that is a different forum for a different time.
  9. Well if you're another person who can get it for $30, I'd get it even if you hold off on installing it for a rebuild.
  10. The CPU is the limiting factor on your machine. Update your BIOS and see what kind of CPUs your board will support, like a 955BE :D. Just get a good cooler for it. Since you also have an SLI board you may want to get another 260 sp 216 while you can before they are all gone.
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