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I would like to set up my new system that I will be building with the Asus SSD caching as well as RAM caching to speed up Adobe products (in particular Photoshop CS5.5 and Premiere Pro CS5.5) for photos and videos I am working on. I can understand I believe the setup of combining a single SSD with a HDD (I understand to use this system as my boot and programs setup that I would put the the Operating Sytem (Windows 7 Ultimate) and the Adobe Programs on the HDD with the attached SSD used only as the cache drive. What I would like to add is to setup a separate 2 or 3 TB drive as my photo drive (where photos are stored and worked from) and the same with a separate 2 or 3 TB drive for videos. That would give me 3 HDDs in my new system with the first being the boot/program/cache drive. I would setup in My Pictures and My Videos a path to the photo HDD and the video HDD. My question is: will the cache work with all the drives with the primary program drive running the adobe programs and calling data from the other two drives?
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  1. The way I understand SSD caching is that frequently asked for files are copied to the cache to speed up future requests - regardless of their source. Therefore, I don't believe it matters how many HDDs you have in your system, real or virtual (e.g., networked).
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    I hope I understood the question.

    The answer to your question is no. A single SSD used as a cache cannot be used with three separate hard drives. The cache applications were never designed to work that way.

    Here is the recommended solution:

    SSD #1 is used for Microsoft Windows 7, Adobe products, other software applications, and utilities.

    SSD #2 is used as a scratch disk.

    Hard disk drives are used to store images and other data.

    Adobe published an article about improving CS4 and CS5 performance. Here is the link:

    Pay attention to the section about solid state drives.
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