FAKE 512MB 8500GT card ???

I Have something interesting. I bought my previous 8500GT card from ebay. I think the seller did something to show that the card has a 512MB memory. It shows 512MB during VGA boot. But it actually has a 128MB dedicated memory and turbo cache technology.

Am I correct and can someone make such fake cards.
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  1. Hmm, its possible you are confusing your IGP with your actual video card.
    Use this to find out everything you might want to know about your card and more;
  2. I double checked my card has 128MB dedicated memory. But in windows XP it shows 512MB vga memory. In vista it doesnt. Vista shows 128MB. Seller sold it as a 512 card. but there is no 512MB at all.
  3. The 128mb may be the graphics adapter integrated into your motherboard not the card you bought. Try the program I linked and tell us what card it thinks you have.
  4. I don't know how do you check your system but I would suggest trying to run GPU-Z and see it for yourself.
  5. masterjaw said:
    I don't know how do you check your system but I would suggest trying to run GPU-Z and see it for yourself.


    It shows you the gpu's in your system , its seems your looking at device manager possibly incorrectly.
  6. Ok
    GPU-Z shows me a 8500GT card with a 128MB video memory.
    But the seller sold me claiming that it has 512MB memory.
    In addition to that during the bios start up i mean before I see the INTEL screen there is a text massage by the VGA bios. It displays
    512MB VGA RAM ,
    Bios version XXXXXX
  7. In addition to this I am sure that I am mentioning about my separate graphic card. Not my onboard graphics adapter.
  8. Wow, that's weird. Could you get the GPU-z screenshot here?
  9. let me just make things clear, your card has turbo cache right? that maybe the answer! turbo cache lets you share your ram to your vga,

  10. The term "turbo cache" says it all. The card has 128k of on board memory plus 384k of "turbo" memory taken from your system's memory.
  11. Yes, the "turbo cache" cards do not physically have the full amount of memory on them. They share system memory to achieve the full 512 meg. These cards were made for OEM systems. Did the card come in a retail box with all the bells and whistles, or did it come like an OEM card, plain box simply wrapped in an anti-static bag? It likely came out of an HP Media Center PC. They are the standard cards in those systems, and a lot of people replace them with something better because, well, quite frankly they are not very fast cards.
  12. Yeah, this really doesn't matter all that much. The 8500GT is a weak card and not meant for gaming. 128mb onboard is fine for 2D applications and if it ever needs more there is the turbocache. Don't worry about it.
    If you were planning on gaming you bought the wrong card anyway.
  13. There are really three possibilities here.

    1. The person who sold you this card didn't know anything and just wrote what he saw.
    2. The person had some knowledge and wrote what matters, it has 512 mb's when it matters (still a worthless card).
    3. He tried to fool you with the 512 mb's, which is still no indication of how good the card really is.

    For graphic cards, look at the list best buy guide on this site every month. That's a good place to start, to see what is what and what isn't.
  14. It's a terrible card like all of Nvidia's bottom end offerings. Next time buy ATI.
  15. Eh, I'm sure it's fine card for most things, just not gaming.
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