Higher CPU OC VS Higher RAM OC

Hi there!

Well I started this threat for a couple of questions:

1st: In real world gaming, bf3, WOW, Dirt 3, SC 2 and some others multiplayer online games what gives major impact? My Phenom II x4 945 @ 3.8ghz + ram 1390mhz VS 3.6ghz + ran 1600mhz?

2nd: My ram works kinda weird as the description below i got a pair of corsair vengeance 2x4GB 1600 cl9 1.5v

Those only works at 1600mhz when my processor runs at 3.6ghz or below. When my processor runs at 3.8ghz it doesnt boot, or sometimes it does but showing Single channel mode and in properties shows 8GB (usable 4GB) as my task manager showing that it uses no more than 4GB.

So, my rams are bad? should RMA? i changed slots, doesnt work, used my old kignston modules working at 2x2gb 1333mhz cl9 completly fine my mobo is also new so i dont know if actually something is defective...

Also when im OC my CPU when i past over 3.6ghz ram shows strange mhz, lets say about 1056, 1390, 1698, 2038mhz and kind off... whats that?

Please help me out :sweat:
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  1. as for the game then I'll go where the more stable and no heat, aa little difference to the speed does not matter
  2. Thanks, and what about the ram, is that a normal behavior?

    Theres a situation, while im playing Bf3 multiplayer it runs smooth at 60fps in low populated maps and down to 40ish in 64 full player maps...

    But sometimes sudendly the game lags badly, just for a sec it looks like the game frezzes, fps go as low as 1-5fps and then just everything gets normal and smooth again... any thoughts? I play at 1440x900 resolution @ high preset..
  3. overheat or not enough power from PSU because your system under OC ... try play in lower setting
  4. I tied playing at 3.6ghz with ram 1600mhz, again that happens.

    I guess i get a better point of stability, i have the processor @ 3.75Ghz and the ram at 1333mhz... and no lags, but well i couldnt test the game too long ...

    for the PSU i have an CM GX450w bronze + unit, and as far i know my system dont use more than 350W. Also for overheating my CPU just sometimes gets 60C° while a warm day with AC off and Prime95, at the nights when i actually play most of the time with the AC on, tems stabilize under 50C°...
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    Definitely a CPU bottleneck I'd say. BF3 64 player maps are really demanding on CPU power.

    About the RAM issue, if you can run the RAM at 1333mhz with 3.8ghz then that would be fine, and you can drop the CAS to 8. At that point you might try incremental increases to the FSB, to maximize the speed at CAS 8. At 1.5V it might be stable up to 1400mhz or more.

    Just to clarify, you want to drop the 9-9-9-27 to 8-8-8-24.

    Here's an interesting read:,2515.0.html
  6. Thanks a lot Wolf.

    that article told me everything i need to know, i was wondering about the memory controller for phenoms, some people have been lucky to get stable 1600mhz CL9 memory, looks like thats not my case...
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