Problems with dual ATI cards

dual ATI 3870x2 cards, Intel X9650, 6 GB RAM, windows 7...

My computer has never really worked right and I think the issue is my ATI cards (which were recently replaced, but still having issues). First, I am not able to update the most recent drivers, no idea why, goes through the install but reverts back to the older version.

Sometimes computer can't come on after sleep (get a long beep, which Dell said is a video card issue), somtimes computer freezes (just reinstalled windows 7 64bit ie software isnt the issue)

Anyone else experience these types of problems, would I be better off going with a single Nvidia card, if so any suggestions? I use my computer for video production and photography stuff...dont game at all...

I am a complete amateur when it comes to video cards, their abilities, pro's con's...just want something that will work.

Thanks in advance for everyone's help
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  1. Before u buy a new video card, u better try your card on different system, try on your friends computer first to make it sure whether that's a faulty card...
  2. Are you installing the correct drivers, also why dont you phone dell about this.
  3. I don't know anyone that has a desktop to try these cards on and yes I did talk to dell...they have no idea what they are talking about, their support is completely worthless... I have the correct driver as ATI were the ones that pointed me to the download link. I guess my question should be changed to advice on single cards that have comparable performance to these dual cards
  4. If you're not game at all then HD 4670 is more than enough i think..
    But still, i'm curious about your 3870x2.
    Sorry if i'm not helping u at all... :(
  5. Since you are not gaming take one of your cards out. One Hd3870x2 is plenty for your usage. Then you don't have to deal with getting them to work in Crossfire (quadfire).
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