Amd phenom ii x4 965 vs i7 860

Hey, i going to build a new computer. The biggest questioin i got is what CPU ill choose. AMD or INTEL?
The computer have to be abel to run CSS (MAXED) 500 fps +, Im also into SONY vegas. CAn anyone help me? :hello:
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  1. the 860 will crush the 965 any day
  2. Firstly, don't bother with the X4 965 BE - save some money and get the X4 955 BE and do the tiny overclock required to match speed.

    Second the i7 860 will crush anything AMD has right now as xaira has said. If you're doing video editing in Vegas then go for Intel, however I personally would go i7 920 with X58 motherboard simply because you can get more RAM into it, and Vegas LOVES RAM.

    Intel i7 920 CPU
    Asus P6TD Deluxe motherboard
    12GB Patriot Sector 5 Viper II DDR3 1600MHz CAS7 RAM

    Running CS:S at 500fps is just a stupid goal - did you mean 50fps? Your eye can't tell the difference of anything over 60fps anyway (45fps is usually fine) and anything beyond 100fps is just a waste.

    And CS:S is such an old game you don't need a very powerful graphics card to do it anyway. If CS:S is your only game then you'd be fine with a Radeon 5770 (might as well get new tech).
  3. First of all, why do you need 500+ FPS?

    The 860 is better performance, the 955 is better value if you don't need 8 threads and don't have a powerful multi-GPU setup. If you're only gaming, you don't need 8 threads.
  4. Quote:
    Only in multithreaded apps. In Gaming its very close

    smithereen said:
    If you're only gaming, you don't need 8 threads.

    Hence the OP stating video editing with Sony Vegas
  5. again agreeing with lephuronn and smithereen, 500 fps seems alittle ridiculus, more than likely you'll get monitor with a 60 hz refresh rate, or lets even go to a 120hz, any fps over your refresh rate won't even be shown on your screen, not to mention after 60 fps, increases in fps really has a vary marginally affect, on what your eye can perceive
  6. I have an i7 860 and 4890 OC, and CS:S is CPU bottlenecked. Running at 4Ghz, I can get ~320fps at max 1920x1200. I don't think 500fps is possible with any normal computer.
  7. if you don't have a fast HDD subsystem, I would say both will do the job OK, If you have fast HDD subsystem, then the I7 will be faster than the AMD. Consudering that the 6 core Phenom should be out in a couple of month, it could do very well too in VEGAS.

    Editing is demanding on storage and memory. best them and get the CPU your budget allow.
  8. LePhuronn said:
    Hence the OP stating video editing with Sony Vegas

    My bad, my brain registered Rainbow Six: Vegas.
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