Which RAID setup is best for my gaming rig?

Hey guys,

As the title shows, I'm a noob, but have been reading about RAID setups since my SSD is starting to get filled up. I built the following rig which, at first, was done without much of a budget. That quickly changed towards the end which explains some other components, including the graphics card and SSD storage limit.

Intel i7 2600K
ASUS P8P67 Pro
GTX 460
G Skill 8GB (4GBx2)
Corsair TX750
Samsung F3 1 TB
Vertex2 SSD 60 GB
HAF 932 Full Tower Case

Now, my SSD, which has my OS, is 70% full, and I have tons of free space on the Samsung HD (of course). I'm looking for an easy solution and discovered the whole RAID configuration. When I saw just how many configurations there are, I figured I'd ask experts before doing my own guesswork. My rig is built for gaming primarily, but also used for research and stats crunching which was a problem for my cheap dell laptop but now is no longer an issue for my beast.
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  1. OKay I know what you experts are saying! Silly noob question! What can I say :sarcastic: , I'm at work and wasnt able to devote as much time as I wanted answering my question until the end of the day...


    For any other would-be noobs out there with a similar question, this article rocks. Unless someone else has more to point out on the subject, I'm good about where to go from here. Sometimes more time is all us noobs need.
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