AMD Phenom II X4 965 with M2N68-LA ?

This is the computer I have:

From what I can tell the MOBO in it is a : M2N68-LA

I have upgraded the power supply to a 550watt, the ram to 4gigs and the video card to an radeon hd 5770

Can I put the AMD Phenom II X4 965 in this computer?:

link to cpu:

From what I read I can, but I am not 100% sure and don't want to waste my money, if for some reason I can not put this CPU in, whats the fastest biggest upgrade I could put in? I am trying to upgrade my rig for the newest games coming out without breaking my bank. thanks!
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  1. Judging by your original processor which as an AM2 socket, I'm pretty sure that this motherboard won't support the new AM3 socket that the Phenom II X4 965 uses; unless the motherboard happens to have an AM2+ socket but I can't see it myself.

    I'm fairly certain the Phenom II X4 940 BE uses AM2+ though which should work on your board provided the BIOS recognises it.
  2. Thanks for the reply! Would this be worth the buy as an upgrade then? Would I see a decent boost with this?

    would I just need to update the bios so it will reconize it?
  3. Actually just found some specs for your motherboard here and it looks like that board will only support up to 89W TDP whereas the PII X4 965 you pointed to has a TDP of 125W. You'll likely need a new motherboard.
  4. Ok well, if that's the case, does anyone have a suggestion for a new mobo that will support all my current components as well as a new updated processor for a reasonable price? Thanks for the help so far, I didn't want to buy a new mobo but I guess mines just dated :)
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