Can someone please explain this

i added 2gb of ram in this computer giving it 4gb total only 3.2gb was showing up i assumed this was because i am running vista 32bit but i went into the bios and played around with the integrated card settings and now it says i have 4gb of ram instead of 3.2

there was some viewport or viewsupport option which i disabled(has something to do with dual monitors) and there was a UMA frame buffer size option which i switched from auto to 512mb
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  1. Hi.

    3.2GB means that u are using a 32 bits OS that only can address that amount of RAM. If u want use the 4GB or more u need a x64 OS.

    U can see the 4GB in the BIOS because the mobo can use 4GB or more but not the OS.
  2. im also seeing the 4gb displayed by programs and windows where as before it was saying 3.2 i actually didnt even look at the ram amount in the bios i was just messing around with the integrated card options
  3. There must be a METRIC TON of threads on this subject already:

    Very briefly, during startup the 32-bit versions of Windows
    pre-allocate large chunks of RAM for key device drivers
    e.g. 800 MB, which require DMA (direct memory access).

    After those allocations are done, the remaining physical RAM
    is made available to the rest of the system.

    You can read more about this 4GB ceiling here:

    But there are numerous other, similar explanations
    already on the Internet.

    RamDisk Plus will permit you to make use of that
    "stubbornly inaccessible" RAM between 3.2 and 4.0 GB:

    RamDisk Plus 11 has a most unique feature. Our patent pending technology can access memory beyond the limitation imposed by a Windows 32-bit operating system! In other words, RamDisk Plus 11 can use "unmanaged" Windows' memory e.g. above 4GB. It can also use the stubbornly inaccessable memory between 3.2GB and 4GB.

    See the product's help file for detailed explanation of what "unmanaged" memory is and how to access and use it with RamDisk Plus 11.

    [end quote]

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