New USB flash drive very slow

A few weeks ago I bought the Kingston G3 8GB usb drive and out of the box it worked really well. Was getting 15-17MB/s write speeds which seemed amazing for a cheap. Problem is that now whenever i transfer anything I'm only getting 2-3MB/s. Ive tried it on different computers, transferred over different types of files in different sizes with the same result. Also tried formatting it to NTFS, exFAT, and FAT32 with different allocation sizes and nothing has worked. Is it defective or is there something i can do to fix it? If i do have to send it back to Kingston, will they make me pay for shipping it there?

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  1. Hello cloakster,

    You sound to have tried everything now.
    I suggest it is time now to contact Kingston Support and they would be able to assist you.

  2. If you remove the U3 software and repartitioned the flash drive it can slow the drive down but not to the extent that you say your one now works at. A larger file will have much faster transfer speeds than a small file so measure the speed with a size of say 1Gig.
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