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Need help on a CPU loop water cooling!

I've been thinking for water cooling for the past 10 months or so and never got around to do so. I want to water cool my CPU only (budget). The extent of my knowledge of water cooling allows me to say that I need the following parts:

-Water CPU block

I'm probably wrong but could you guys help me please. I want to overclock my 3570k to 4.3+ and want to avoid closed loop, non-maintainece liquid coolers. I've very little information on WC, so please help guys. My specs are:

Asus Sabertooth Z77
I5 3570k
Nzxt Phantom 410 CA-PH410-B1

Worst part is, I have a tiny budget of only.......100$!!! More or less >_> Thanks guys, I'll try to read up on more guides and reviews.
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  1. You are going to need a budget of $130+ to get where you really want to be with an XSPC kit. $100 isn't going to get you into watercooling unless it's for the purchase of used gear, which is an acceptable concept.

    Have you read through the watercooling sticky at the top of the watercooling forum?
  2. Yeah I was reading it after I posted and went to do a bit of price research, learning 100$ isn't enough. I guess I can plop in $50 more. I have these so far:
    Swiftech MCR 120
    XSPC x20 410 reservoir/pump
    Magicool Butterfly CPU block
  3. So can anyone help me? I'm willing increase my budget to 200$.
  4. If you already have the rad, pump, and block, what do you want to know?
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    Roxas2030 said:

    Yes, it's the lowest rung of the good watercooling kits I'd recommend.
  6. wolfram23 said:
    If you already have the rad, pump, and block, what do you want to know?

    Just wanted to know if they'd go well with each other.
  7. What do you mean go well will they look good together, or will they work? Performance?

    I'll attempt to answer each.

    look good together- not sure, this is up to you.

    work together- if you have the correct fittings and tubing sizes, most watercooling parts work just fine together (exception- anything aluminum as this can cause some serious corrosion with other metals)

    performance- this is where benchmarks and tests come in handy.
  8. Thanks guys I guess I'll stick with the XSPX rasa kit. Appreciate the feed back.
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