Q9650 causing sudden reboots

Hey guys,

A couple of days ago i bought this Q9650 to replace my X6800
and hopefully to extend the lifespan of my socket 775.

I installed windows, whereafter I messed around with GTA IV for a while.
To my suprise, I hadn't gained any performance here, so I booted into bios and
enabled the two new cores. This time, GTA IV barely started, and then my rig rebooted prompty. The same thing happens when I run crysis. At best, I get to run a bench for around 2 minutes, then it immediately reboots.
In the following boots, it may just reach as far as entering Windows 7.
If I wait before booting on a crash, it goes a little further.

When I disable the two new cores, it's stable enough.
But even when I underclock down to 2GHz and go with 4 cores, it reboots after a while.

My temps are 25-40 idle, and 45 when under load from either of the mentioned games. My power supply is a 620W Corsair, and my ram are 2 Gigs dated Cellshock pieces.

The only thing new on my system is the Xigmatek HDT-S1283 and the Intel Q9650, replacing my X6800 with an Asus Silent Knight on it.

My graphics card is a 275 GTX, and it may seem it has something to do with it, since there are no problems in safe mode. Even with all cores enabled.
My CPU runs with 1.2V, and so does the FSB. Which I think seems right.,.

Hope you have something to add, I'm through the standard troubleshooting book a few times now.
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  1. ok it crashed in safe mode too, with the message "a clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor"
  2. can you mobo cope with 45nm cpu's?
  3. ok, you can try updating the bios and also see if your MB is supporting 45nm cpu's.

    it's either your mobo or cpu
  4. yeah it copes with 45nm just fine. i've set up n rma for my cpu. if it wont work when i get it replaced, im burying my mobo. thanks for the input!
  5. make sure BIOS is up to date. double check VID and VCORE, if theyre at the values that intel recommends id give them a slight bump and see what it does.
  6. It's been some time. Thought everybody here needed a cheap laugh;

    Yeah, the 680i wasn't 45nm quad core compatible.
    I dunno why i thought the X6800 was built the same way, but i changed
    my mobo to a cheap gigabyte micro atx with an intel chipset.

    Works like a charm.

    Thanks guys!
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