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Ok to leave SSD on all night?

Hello All,

I just purchased an OCZ 120GB Vertex Plus for my HP Envy 14. I have read to disable hibernation (which I have), and I have read mixed reports on letting the computer go to sleep or not (still not quite sure what to do on that one).

Normally I leave my laptop on all night seeding or w.e and I plan on doing backups every so often to my NAS. Is it ok for the SSD to be on all the time? Or should I just let it sleep and let the backup wake up the laptop when it needs to do its thing?
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    It is okay for an ssd to be on all the time. There are some variations of ssd garbage collection that do their best work when a pc is idle. Just have to be careful that the ssd is not being written too all night long.

    What is "seeding"? I am not rfamiliar with the term.
  2. ^yep.
  3. JohnnyLucky said:

    What is "seeding"? I am not rfamiliar with the term.

    By seeding I meant utorrent. Thank you for the quick response!
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