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Mod and Rad advice (280mm performance?)

Hey guys,

I'm in the very slow process of planning some upgrades/mods, and I need some info that I can't seem to find. It turns out I can fit a 140 double rad in the front of my case, and I want the best one. Probably going to shop from, and I'm looking at these ones:

I can't seem to find any performance info on these rads, however, so I'm just looking for some advice.

Also, I'd like to use a shroud but frozencpu doesn't seem to have any double 140mm shrouds, so I'm thinking I'll buy a slim 140-to-120 mm adapter and then I can use my two Scythe SFlex fans in pull configuration so there's less dead-zone (should be plenty, going for quiet operation). Does that sound ok?
This is the adapter:

I'm also trying to figure out the best way to hang a radiator (120 double) from the top of my case, if anyone has some suggestions there. I'm also looking for ideas on how to space the 2 fans from it but keep it very compact. Most 120 double shrouds are 20-25mm thick, and that's way too much. I need like 10mm. Debating if I can just use some nylon spacers and electrical tape :sarcastic:
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    this is how I mounted mine on top of the case thanks to moto for the idea
    the Phobya and the black ice GT extreme I have built loops with both types of rads and they work fine with low rpm fans never used the other so I do not know
    when it comes to shrouds the fact is you need about 25mm of space for them to do the job right but you can try the smaller ones I do not know how effective they will be
    so I hope this helps and if there are any other questions please ask
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    I think those rads are based on the 120mm sizes, except with more tubes due to obvious width differences.

    Those are Skinnee's reviews for the 360 versions of these radiator models, so it's highly possible you could apply some simple math and get an idea of their performance in comparison to a 360.

    Breaking it down into 'one fan size worth of area' allows me to do math and then upscale.

    360/3=120 & 280/2=140

    140/120= 1.167 (A 140 is about 17% larger than a 120)

    You can then take the radiator of choice (360 version) and the desired delta-T performance wattage and then divide by 3 to get the 120/ea performance, multiply that by 1.167 and then double that value.

    Example: 600watts / 3 = 200watts

    (200w x 1.167) x2 = 467watts

    This would also scale into ~700watts for a 3x140 radiator (when compared to ~600w for a 3x120), so that does seem to be a reasonable calculation. Of course this might not be the best way to calculate and a more accurate way would be to calculate the exact LxWxH values from the 3x120 rad and apply them similarly with the above math.
  3. Thanks for the responses guys.

    @rubix: I was hoping I wouldn't have to do that, but oh well. So the Black ICE had the best heat dissipation, so using that:

    Approximately 500W dissipated at 1300rpm fan speed.

    120x3x120 = 43200 mm^2
    140x2x140 = 39200 mm^2



    So I can assume roughly 453W dissipation with the 280 Black ICE GTX.

    This should be plenty, then. My 5850s have 150W TDP, and my i5 750 is probably at close to the same. The MCR220 dissipates around 200-250W, so I'll have way more cooling than necessary. Yay!

    @toolmaker: I'm thinking of mounting the rad internally, parallel to the roof instead of perpendicular/sideways like you have it in that pick. A U-shape bracket might work, but it'll be a pain to assemble. Gave me an idea though, use some long bolts and install them from the top, hanging inside. Thread up a nut but keep it loose, then thread on the rad (using the top side fan holes). Then just tighten up the nut against the case to hold it steady. Might work, but it would mean drilling some holes right through the case.

    As for the shrouds, I just don't think I'll have the room for 25mm ones, at least not on the top rad. I'll probably just have to go no shrouds on top, but maybe I can use the normal 25mm ones for the 280 rad.
  4. That's probably about right. I surely don't want to say that this is the best method of calculating rad size differences, but without specific benchmark and review tests, it's difficult to know for sure. While this is a ballpark calculation, it's likely accurate enough for most of us and hopefully serves well.

    The only issues I can see with this are surrounding exact FPI differences, tube numbers and tube size differences. I didn't double check on all those rads, but I would assume similar FPI on the similar-make rads.
  5. That's true, but if it's even in the same ballpark it should be fine, as an estimated 700W dissipation has a lot of wiggle room if I'm only putting 400-500W into it.
  6. I'd say you'd be just fine using those. Watercooling isn't rocket surgery, but it does help to have a very good idea of what you'll need to consider in order to perform like you want (and pay for!).
  7. Yeah for sure. I was originally thinking about doing a dual 180 rad mounted above my case, but that would require a bit more work than I really want to do, plus, I think I can fit it all internally. Gotta take more measurements to be 110% positive though, and if I can't fit it all internally then I might just go with the dual 180 idea.

    Looks like for all the parts I need from FrozenCPU it comes out to $377.65, although they only have 1 full GPU block left and I need 2! Might have to source it somewhere else or just go with universal blocks...
  8. Go uni's mate, best economy in the long run :-)
    Ty for the nod Toolmaker, glad to help mate
    I'll post more in the am, busy here tonight :-)
  9. How about the XSPC EX280 radiator?
  10. Motopsychojdn said:
    Go uni's mate, best economy in the long run :-)
    Ty for the nod Toolmaker, glad to help mate
    I'll post more in the am, busy here tonight :-)

    Yeah true, universals can keep getting reused. However, I do want the best performance possible, so it's a bit of a "six in one, half a dozen in the other".

    Anonymous said:
    How about the XSPC EX280 radiator?

    I'm looking for thicker rads than that to maximize performance. There's a lot of depth I can work with in the front of my case, so I might as well get the most out of it.
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