Problem with my RAID 0 unit

Hello, I have a huge problem with my computer, first the tecnical info:

I have 3 HD 1.5T in raid 0 using the intel
matrix storage option ROM utility.

Everything work perfect, I don't have any damage or problems on my RAID disk, but today I had the "GREAT IDEA" to update the BIOS of my computer, when I do it the bios reset the option in the BIOS and also the DISABLE of RAID on the BIOS.

When I boot again my computer and windows star detect one of my hard disk (of the RAID 0) as one alone disk, then I turn off the computer and I activate the RAID in the bios, because I think is the problem but when the computer start show the message of my RAID unit have a problem and one disk is not be able to recognized the RAID 0.

I don't know what can I do to put again this disk in my RAID unit without lose my information.

Any one can help me please....
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  1. And GUYS, sorry for my poor and BAD english
  2. RAID is a tricky thing. You need backups with that configuration.

    Are all drives detected by BIOS? If so, that means they are all operational. So if you do have backups, simply rebuild the array and start from zero.
  3. Are all drives detected by BIOS? YEAH
    So if you do have backups >>> No I don't have any backup my backup are those disk of 1.5 T (total 4T)
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