ASUS P5KC Mobo startup problems

Hi everyone, I'm having a very troublesome issue with this motherboard (or Graphics Card) - I bought a Nvidia engtx275 GC at the end of last year but whenever I insert the card my pc doesn't want to boot up. There's a green light from the mobo but no familiar beep, also the display looks corrupted if it does boot up. I've taken it to some "pro's" here and they said that it could be a underpowered power supply - I've upgraded to a 850w cooler master and still i have a problem. I've swopped graphics cards (tried out a Nvidia 7900 as well) and the same thing happens, I've currently got the pc running on a nvidia 7300gt graphics card. Can anyone relate to this problem? Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before?
Here's a full list of my system if you need that:

E8400 Dual Core CPU
4 gb of ddr2 800 mhz ram
Asus P5kc Mobo
Nvidia 7300gt graphics card (currently installed but really want to use my 275 GC)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Does your PC work completely fine with the 7300GT installed ?
    Also do the 7900 and GTX 275 have the same problem?
    Try a clean install of your VGA drivers,here is how(have your GTX 275 on the motherboard),here is how
    1_Download the latest VGA drivers,then Download DRIVER SWEEPER(from
    2_Go to control panel and uninstall the driver(older one) from there
    3_Reboot and go to safemode and open driver sweeper and click on clean
    4_Boot normally and Install the new driver
  2. Thanks for the reply man...
    Exactly the same thing happens with both cards. I boot up pc the screen goes all garbled but it refuses to go into windows, but when I put in the 7300 card it boots up fine.

    I've done everything you've listed but it's still doing it. I thought for a second that it was going fine until I had to do the restart after I installed the display drivers. It's new drivers btw. I've gone through new harddrives thinking it could be that, as well as new operating systems (running Win 7 home premium now, had Vista home premium 64 before) but still the problem comes back.
    The only thing that I havn't changed is my Motherboard and well..before I change that I'd like to get some proper info as it seems whenever I take it to a computer shop they just tell me I need to upgrade my machine and mention the special they got going on.
  3. Is it possible for you to test the cards in another system ?
  4. The 7900 actually belongs to my brother, but the 275's too big for his case and he's was very touchy about me even testing his 7900 on my machine.
    I'm thinking of taking my 275 graphics card in to a shop and see if the guys there are willing to let me test it on one of their machines (oh man please tell me now if that is a good idea or if i shouldn't cuz i don't want to blow up any expensive stuff).
  5. That's a good idea,let us know if it works fine or not
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