Are temps the only limit on overclocking?

Just a question out of curiosity, are temps the only thing that limits gpu overclocking? What I mean is could I push my gpu as far as msi afterburner would let me(what I use to overclock) as long as the temps are good? Or are there more things to consider.
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  1. Individual chips have their own limits, you may get one card to 1150MHz, while the next will barely hold stock clocks,
    The best bet is to go slow and record successful settings, then you can always go back if needed
  2. And the CPU might not like the clock speeds of the GPU, so CPU could limit you as well. I have read this happens alot with ram, not 100% if it is the same with a GPU. When i go through stability testing Ill push the CPU, then RAM, then GPU just to make sure everything plays nice together.
  3. Not to mention the thing that actually kills hardware - electricity. Pump just a little too much voltage and ka-ploo-ey, dead hardware. I blew up my last motherboard... temps were fine.
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